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In the cosmopolitan city of Malaga, the Culture, the History of one of the most ancient cities of the Iberian Peninsula and its people go hand in hand. This is a unique opportunity to discover unknown places and hidden gems of the city. The “Corralones” in Malaga are more than just a place or a neighborhood, they are an autochthonous and unique way of living. Since ancient times and sometimes forgotten by other historical events in the city, these popular neighborhoods have known how to keep and preserve customs and traditions that seemed lost. Led by Yolanda and Esther, two residents of El Perchel, we are going to enter an area that remains hidden from the eyes of the visitor and even from the people of Malaga themselves. El Perchel and la Trinidad, through the stories and lives of their neighbors, will lead us to discover a way of understanding life and their own roots.  Through this route we will discover the personal way to understand and express flamenco From  in Malaga. We will have exclusive access to neighbors' houses, to their most private environments, to their way of understanding coexistence. We will unravel the roots of flamenco styles from Malaga. We will know the legacy left by flamenco figures born in these neighborhoods that are part of the history of this art and heritage of humanity. We will discover songs and sounds resulting from their experiences and we will recover during our trip, some songs that apparently remained in oblivion. An authentic and different way of transmitting and getting closer to the heart of the city.

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