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At I'M EXPERIENCE we work to ensure that all our actions are based on a commitment to sustainability. We use our resources to create experiences that help travellers to enjoy themselves, while at the same time developing an interest in the environment, traditions and people, and a respect for each place we take them to. We are aware of the importance of a more ecological and sustainable tourism. That is why we also want our suppliers and partners to go in the same direction. For this reason we personally and carefully select all of them. We transmit to the traveller the respect for the place and the importance that our visit does not generate negative actions in any area. In this way we promote the local economy by encouraging the importance of local products, we provide experiences that are authentic and diverse as well as real so the traveller knows the particularity of each place.  In gastronomy, we bring fresh and seasonal products to the table and we raise the traveller's awareness of a non-invasive and supportive type of tourism. We work with private visits or small groups and thus guarantee a service of the highest excellence and personalised to the maximum.
We collaborate with social causes of different kinds to promote and help a fair social and local economy.


El Rocío, Huelva
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