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TRADITION Tradition as a transmission of popular culture is a fascinating world. We must bring it closer to the traveler.


There are PLACES that still preserve an authentic way of life and that has not lost its essence despite the time. Hidden in the big cities we can find amazing corners where people preserve ancestral customs and coexist with the rhythm of modernity.

I'M EXPERIENCE has the exclusivity to enter environments where only some privileged have access.

Our proposal is to interact with the locals and spend a day listening to their experiences.
We invite the traveller to get a close look at the traditions and customs that have been handed down from generation to generation to the present day, and which remain intact.


Holy Week in Andalusia is probably one of the traditions that arouse the visitor's expectation and curiosity.
Even if the travellers don't come during the season of celebration of this religious festivity, we can invite them to discover it at any time of the year. Visiting embroidery or goldsmiths workshops, and temples where the most emblematic religious images are kept and venerated.

We work closely with the "Caminos de Pasión" Route that takes us to know 10 charming Andalusian municipalities with a combination of nature, culture and unique religious tradition.


Musical , cultural or gastronomic traditions.

A wide range of experiences to discover and specially designed for those travelers who want to get closer to the true identity of a country or a region.

Original proposals, looking for hidden and not crowds venues. To enjoy with the family, in small groups and without haste because they are experiences where time stops and what predominates is the moment to perceive the sensations

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