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SEPHARAD The great unknown


This is an experience aimed at anyone who wants to delve deeper into a culture that has remained uninterrupted for more than 2000 years in the Iberian Peninsula. Cities and towns throughout the territory have witnessed the deep footprint left by the Jews, and in tours led by our team of experts in the History of Sepharad, we will get to know this cultural, traditional and historical heritage. Cities such as Toledo or Cordoba bring us closer to great philosophers who are universally known and who were of Sephardic origin, such as Maimonides or Ibn Gabirol.


For millennia the Iberian Peninsula was home to Sephardic Jews. The footprint left by this culture is hidden under intangible aspects. Experiencing first-hand what the legacy of the Jews of Sepharad meant and still means, knowing their traditions, the cities that speak of their presence, gastronomy and ancient customs that still survive, is the main goal of this experience.


From visiting one of the oldest synagogues in Europe to the interior of a currently active synagogue. We take our travellers to places that preserve tradition and rituals inherited from ancestral generations. The chance to learn about their customs from the Sephardic communities is an experience that is hard to forget. And of course to enjoy their gastronomy. From restaurants that have recovered original Sephardic recipes to our Kosher catering, which allows us to bring the authentic essence of Jewish-Sephardic cuisine to any place.


MUSIC unies cultures, brings people together and opens paths. For our Sephardic experiences we have the possibility of privately enjoying unique voices and musical groups that have recovered lyrics in the ancient language of SEFARAD .

We organize visits to goldsmiths and potters workshops to learn about the art of working with hands pieces of ancient origin that have been recovering to incorporate them into their artisan production.

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