GASTROSOPHY "The philosophy of gastronomic appetites, feelings, knowledge and pleasures"Chevallier de Lelly

A complete gastronomic experience, which takes us to know the product first hand, from its origin, through the market, where the fresh and seasonal product is offered, until we reach the table and enjoy it in different versions, from a traditional way of treating it to a more modern and innovative way.  All this makes us enjoy what we call a GASTROSTROPHIC experience. Tasting, savouring, smelling and getting to know will make us UNDERSTAND traditions, culture and customs and will leave the traveller with a "good taste in mouth".


TRADITION is the identity of the most popular gastronomy. Each city, each place, is characterized by a unique gastronomy. Let's get to know it and enjoy it. Try the authentic, always with local and seasonal products, made as at home. This type of cuisine takes us to know ancestral cultures and makes it possible to enjoy a gastronomy with a historical and cultural legacy in every bite.


In the face of this, AVANT GARDE transports us to a vision of flavours and textures through creativity and imagination that will not leave us indifferent. Flavours that break the palate and surprise. Dishes with an attractive mise-en-scene but always leaving the main product in the spotlight.



When you are in Spain, you must try its famous TAPAS (APPETIZERS), a way of understanding the enjoyment of gastronomy. Routes to enter bars and taverns and try them like a local.


And if it's important to delight in a good dish, so is the venue where we're going to enjoy it. We take care of the details on any occasion to make the experience unforgettable. In charming establishments, outdoors or in the middle of Nature we bring that gastronomic note to end a day in the best way.


The so-called  HAUTE CUSINE was created by French chefs who turned cooking into an ART. Nowadays Spain is a country recognised worldwide for its numerous Michelin-starred restaurants, and a broad study of culinary techniques and, of course, a vast knowledge of the products and their characteristics, allows them to be used them much better. The hand of the best professionals in the kitchen, the taste for decoration and refinement in the dishes, in the presentation and staging.  Exclusive experiences for demanding travellers.



We complete the experiences with visits to olive oil mills with organic production and we prepare a professional tasting to broaden the knowledge of the different qualities within the denomination of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


In our gastronomic proposals we do not forget the best pairing of wines so we think it is important to take our travelers to know their origin, from visits to the vineyards to the most renowned and emblematic BODEGAS (WINERIES), before trying them at the table.