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FLAMENCO Word that comes from   "Felah," which means peasant and "menkub", excluded or marginalized.

Flamenco was named CULTURAL AND IMTANGIBLE HERITAGE OF HUMANITY in 2010. Our experiences will not only bring us closer to the energy of a quality show but will also take us to flamenco classes, visits to artisan workshops making costumes or musical instruments and unique, authentic and original experiences. FEELING flamenco up close is the main goal.


From I'MEXPERIENCE, as flamenco lovers and specialists in sensory experiences, we want the traveler to get to know in depth the roots, the sense and especially the FEELING of a UNIVERSAL ART that is both hypnotic and magical.


The CANTE (SONG) reproduces, from different styles that in flamenco are called "palos", the moods, and accompanies the dance or can be enjoyed as a "solo".

The flamenco GUITAR is nowadays an essential part of a good flamenco show. Although we will also be surprised how other instruments have merged naturally.

BAILE (DANCE), the body expression in flamenco, both in men and women, translates into a unique way of expressing pure feeling.


We take Flamenco out of its usual place, “El Tablao” and take it to unique locations. Enjoy a flamenco night in the middle of nature, next to the heat of the fire while accompanying the experience with typical dishes, or we feel it inside of an authentic Andalusian Patio, or we simply enter those taverns where flamenco is still part of the daily life of its people.

The visual appeal and aesthetic strength of Flamenco is undeniable, especially represented in the COSTUME of flamenco or "faralaes". A name with etymological roots from Arabic that was spoken in the south of the Iberian Peninsula and that comes from "farah" which means joy and "lebs", dress. The suit or dress of joy.

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