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ECOTOURISM For those seeking contact with the natural environment combined with cultural and traditional experiences.


Ecotourism is booming and we propose different ways of practising it. In small groups, with family, friends or individually.
For companies that want to carry out incentive trips or team building activities.
Cycling, hiking, horse riding or more adventurous activities such as hot air ballooning, zip-lining or exploring places of incomparable beauty. Entering Natural and National Parks for bird watching or getting close to the life of the Iberian lynx.



Night hike ending with stargazing.

Discover the remains of mining towns during a route specially designed for hikers.

Greenways are the result of adapting the old railway infrastructures into paths that offer an exceptional framework for pedestrian, cycling or horse riding routes.

Whether inland, mountain or on the coast, there is an ecotourism activity that suit what you are looking for.

Spain offers incredible places to make contact with Nature another unforgettable experience.


We always seek to surprise by leading the traveler to discover the most unexpected and surprising landscapes.

We work with specialized suppliers who meet the most demanding conditions to ensure that  the experiences are optimal.

We provide the necessary equipment for each of the activities and combine with visits to the towns and cities that are part of the region.

We take care of the accommodation and the gastronomic touch.

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